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"For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily eateth and drinketh Judgement to himself not discerning the body.

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58 oz


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40 Day Survival Bucket

The ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC GRAB & GO FOOD SUPPLY. We created this 40-Day Organic Food Supply because the majority of food storage option available are absolutely horrible for you. They are just empty calories that are loaded with GMO's, preservatives, and extremely high levels of sodium while offering very little nutritional value. If you are looking for Non-GMO, Certified Organic Food Storage look no further.

We are the only Certified Organic, Non-GMO Grab & Go Food Storage on the market. The concept behind our Organic Food Storage is a "back to basics" approach. Everything in the bucket is raw, uncooked, real food. We do not dehydrate, freeze dry, or add any preservatives. The time is now to enhance your food storage and store food that is healthy and will allow you to not only survive but to thrive in a preparedness situation. We have packed this bucket with highly nutritious, nutrient dense food items that are easy to prepare. All contained in an easy to store and carry bucket for any situation.

40 Days/Nights Organic Food Supply is : 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Vegan. Individually Vacuum Sealed in 6 & 7 mil. food-grade bags with a 10-15 year shelf life.

Not Preservatives- Real Dry, uncooked Food
Less than $2 per Organic Meal


Easy to Transport - Easy to Store

Basic Information:

Weight: 35 lbs,
Dimensions: 13" H X 13 W X 16" D
Each Pail Contains the following Organic Food

Rolled Oats-5 lbs, Brown Rice-4 lbs, Millet-4 lbs, Garbanzo Beans-3 lbs, Green Lentils-3 lbs Black Beans-2 lbs, Pinto Beans-2 lbs, Quinoa-2 lbs, Sprouted Buckwheat-1 lb, Sprout Blend-1 lb, Gluten Free Pancake Mix-1 lb, EnerFood Green Superfood Powder-7/8 lb, Chia Seeds-1/2 lb, Fermented Miso Powder-1/4 lb, Cajun Spice Mix-1/16 lb $269.99.

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