Ms - Sheila Vogel


I started this journey to better health about seven years ago. Here is a picture of me about two months before this journey all began. In this picture, I weighed 190.

I now am about 120 and have been for about seven years.

Matthew Camporeale


Here is my story of healing and God’s Gift of Mercy and Grace.

I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease two separate times in my life.  The first was standard I.V. antibiotics in and out of the hospital in a day.  The second time with Lyme, I was misdiagnosed and carried the disease untreated for nine months.  Being so far beyond the protocol of prescribed medicine, I knew it was not the way for me to go.  

Hippocrates was correct when he said “Let thy Food be thy Medicine.”   Combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge seemed to have been the key to my success and recovery.  Celiac, Diabetes, Asthma, cerebral swelling and Neurological disorders had debilitated me to 135 lbs and unable to digest solid food.  All the doctors could offer me were more inconclusive test results, protein powders and sports drinks, a background familiar to me.

Researching alternative health I learned drinking tea like Pau Darco which is an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral  as well as eating raw garlic gave me all the daily antibiotics my body needed.  The Vitamin B-17, which can be found in apple seeds and apricot seeds, contain arsenic that has a debilitative effect on cancer cells.  Yet still needing more in my progressive health care treatment, the search continued.

Looking deeper into my faith I found THE REAL Presence of Jesus Christ.  Jesus in the EUCHARIST was what was needed to find and to claim the Peace, Wisdom, and Merciful guidance to advance in my journey toward healing.  Finding my neurological issues dissipated within moments of sitting in the presence of JESUS in Adoration.  I continued with the adoration experience for about four years feeling uplifted every time, to say the least. The healing was taking place on a soul level where I needed it most.  The physical, mental and emotional healing was also being nurtured.  I felt the presence of his Majesty, Grace and PEACE.  

I have found a love for the real presence of Jesus on a daily basis in adoration at the chapel and/or  

I now start my day with the rosary and morning mass on EWTN  My life is not whole without these.  Bringing Jesus into your home helps achieve the sanctified life we are all striving for.  I always felt charity begins at home.  I have moved forward in my life with new understanding of what love is in life.