Physician Heal Thyself

Luke 4:23: And he said to them:  Doubtless you will say to me the similitude:  Physician, heal thyself: as great things as we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy own country.

Our health ministry offers a unique holistic perspective using food as medicine.  Providing here creative tools for conscious consumption allowing you to assist the body in the healing of your own physical deficiencies.  Being biologically correct assists the body in returning to its natural state of wellness.  Our creative process of vegetable combinations allows you to create your own recipes to satisfy your palate and nutritional needs.

Using the reference charts below find your  physiological imbalances, tap on it and create your own meal for conscious consumption and better health.

1)   The Food Reference Chart
3)   The Nutritional Search Engine
4)   Science Natural News

5)   Natural Pedia

6)   Herb Reference Chart
7)   Supplement Reference Chart
8)   Honest Food Guide

9)   Raw Food Life

10)  Nutrient Reference Chart

Live Food Heals Live Bodies

You can eat food that is organic every day, but if most of it is cooked on high heat then it is void of nutrition.  Just about everyone has heard of the benefits of eating raw "live" food, but what ratio of your total food intake is actually raw (or not heated over 115 degrees)?  When you add up everything you put in your mouth, from baked , boiled, broiled, and fried, you may find you're eating a majority of "Dead food."  If you have a "cooked food" profile above 85%, you need to flip that ratio and become at least 85% raw, and it may take awhile to adjust.  
Cooking food chemically changes your meal into acid-forming toxins, free radicals and poisons that make you lethargic, depressed, tired, inflamed, achy, weak, sick and in need of relief from a general numb feeling that keeps you performing at your best.  Baking, boiling, broiling and frying, destroys essential nutrients.  Vitamins, mineral, anti-oxidants, probiotics and enzymes are the foundation of good health.

Flash frying is a good compromise if you're missing that "heat" in the kitchen.  Also, try heating soups, stews, and casseroles at 115 degrees or lower.  This will retain many more of the nutrients your body needs.  Use avocado to substitute for deli meats, you won't even notice the difference after a few sandwiches.  Say goodbye to nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and MSG in meats.  Make sprouted grain sandwiches with fresh spinach and some olive oil, and always avoid the cooked, processed wheat bread, white bread and buns.